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Corah B Photography

Hey I'm Corah!

And I like feelings.

A weird way to start but it's the truth!

I value the connection you and your partner have and am dedicated to bringing your unique love to life and capturing YOU through photographs.

I am marriage focused, fighting for love, and dedicated to pursuing your connection.

Crazy about people, crazy about each other, excited to capture your incredible wedding day

I connect with people so focused on each other they hardly notice me third wheeling

I connect with the honesty of the way you love each other that is what I'm truly passionate about

now let's make some magic happen.

Wedding collections

These packages are all CUSTOMIZABLE, let's hop on a call and go over all the details in person!







Micro Wedding



Collection One

8 Hour Wedding Coverage

2 Hour Engagement



Online Gallery

My most commonly booked package. I arrive at the end of getting ready and leave a little into the dance party!

This package has a lot of variations: with possible destination weddings, midwest locations, or anywhere in Iowa.

This package ranges between 3-4 hours coverage, and most commonly has 10-30 people in attendance!

This is for the ones who value the most precious people there and are perfectly happy with keeping things small and intimate!

6 Hours Wedding Coverage

Print Rights

Online Gallery

The most basic package for a simple wedding!

10 Hour Wedding Coverage

2 Hour Engagement Session

2nd Shooter Coverage

Print Rights

Online Gallery

With me arriving while you're still getting ready there's plenty of time for details, and I'll be there most/if not all the reception!

Starts At: $2,550

Starts At: $3,050

Starts At: $3,550

Starts At: $1,750

Haley and Matt

Kind Words from my friends


Waterloo, IA

"Her bubbly and quirky personality let us relax and just have a great time. From the first time we met at a café, she made us have no second guesses on who we were choosing for capture our day! During all of our shoots she seemed as if she was our best friend just hanging out with us!"

From our very first interaction I knew that I had found a friend and not just a photographer. We are approaching our one year anniversary and the pictures she was able to capture that day capture the essence of the day perfectly. I look back and don't know what I would have done without her that day.

Caitlin and Daniel


-Alix and Brandon

Des Moines, IOwa

She felt like a friend as well as a photographer, which was such a relief to have during the stressful time of planning a wedding....Our wedding day went so smoothly, and Corah went above and beyond to make sure we both had everything we needed. We loved having her there


Caitlin aNd Coale

Iowa City, Iowa

Not only did our family rave about her but we truly felt we couldn't have chosen a better person to capture our day. All of our pictures really show the love and happiness we share and my husband and I (that don't normally like taking pictures) couldn't be more excited to work with Corah again next year at our larger celebration!! We have already hired her again, that's how great she is!

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a-la carte

second shooter

Adding a second photographer to the roster! They help out throughout the day, they get behind the scenes and get different angles one person wouldn't be able to! I shoot most weddings solo- but this is perfect for adding a little more coverage!



Extra Hour of Coverage

If the 6, 8, and 10 hour collections aren't exactly what you're needing time wise: we can add an hour of coverage!

I help you with the timeline and deciding what collection works best and if extra coverage is needed!



The Nitty Gritty

The process

1- Meeting/emailing

2- Contract signed, and retainer paid to be booked ($1,000 retainer)


4- Engagement session (photos delivered in 2-3 weeks)

5- Planning

6- 2 Months before: wedding questionnaire

7- FaceTime to create a timeline

8- WEDDING!!! (sneak peeks within 48 hours photos returned within 4-6 weeks)

9- Review

FAQ: all you need to know

YES, I know this is a lot of information: but this answers any and ALL questions you may have! Anytime a new one is asked: I add it to here!

Q: Is the retainer/deposit refundable? What are your cancellation policies?

A: The retainer is non-refundable. The retainer is 1/3 of the total package cost. Once you sign the contract and pay the invoice that date is 100% yours and I don't book anything else for that day. With Covid, I don't charge a rescheduling or cancellation fee- no one can predict the future.

Q: Do you charge a travel fee?

A: My travel fee is $25 per hour of driving. (ex. from Ankeny to Iowa City is 4 hours driving= $100 travel fee)

Q: How does payment work? Can we make a payment plan?

A: Absolutely you can make a payment plan! We can go over specifics in our meeting, but we can do whatever works best for you and budgeting! Split it in quarters, or thirds and make set payments throughout or make payments when you can!

Regular payments: retainer due at time of booking ($1,000), and remainder due one month before your date!

Q: How long is the engagement session? Are there any extra fees for anything?

A: Engagement sessions last 1-2 hours! This depends on how many outfits you have, how many locations we go to, and the distance between locations.

Extra fees would be travel to and from, (see travel section above) and if we need to rent a space. (ex studio, or botanical gardens)

Q: How does photo delivery work?

A: Weddings are delivered 4-6 weeks after the wedding day, (48 hour sneak peeks!!) engagements have 2-3 week delivery!

I deliver all images through an online gallery where you can download everything (I always recommend backing them up yourself as well! Can't be too careful!) You have print rights, but there is a print shop built into your gallery and there are sales throughout the year!

Q: Do we get the copyrights?

A: The copyright for all images created and shall have the exclusive right belong to Corah B Photography to make reproductions for marketing materials, portfolio entries, sample products, editorial submissions and use, or for display within or on my website. You are MORE than welcome to share the images just be sure to credit me by tagging the business!

Q: How many edited photos will we receive? What factors influence that? Can we get the RAW files?

A: I take around 5,000 images on average at a wedding: and you get 500-700 images back! I try to document as much as possible behind the scenes and ‘organized’ photos. Factors would be the timeframe we have to do photos, and what package you choose! I never deliver RAW files, I've worked very hard to perfect my work and delivering the RAWS does not reflect that.

Q: Can we see a full wedding?

A: YES! Click here for a plethera of galleries!

Q:How long have you been photographing weddings?

A: I started photographing weddings in 2019, and am now a full time wedding photographer! 2021 is my 3rd wedding season, and I'm so excited to be a part of my couples wedding days! I went full time August 2020, and haven't looked back! I had been nannying part time and realized I wasn't getting the time to serve all my current and future clients like I wanted to, so I made the leap during the middle of the Covid Pandemic!!

Q:How comfortable do you feel shooting in low lighting environments?

A: I've photographed in every type of lighting situation, and we can chat about how to bring in the best light even with an ill lit space!

Q: Do you direct a lot, or do you stay in the background, or something in between?

A: I give enough direction so you don’t feel lost and uncomfortable. My job is both photographer and making sure the day flows well and on schedule! Photo wise: I give you prompts and direction on how to stand and hold each other, but I ask a lot of questions about you two and your love for each other! I’m a very easy going and awkward, and have been told I’m an expert at making you two feel comfortable and confident! My style is candid, raw emotion, and joyful!

Q:What is the backup plan if you suddenly cannot shoot the wedding?

A: Should I be unable to photograph your wedding due to my own or immediate families health, or emergency within my family, I will do my best to organize and cover for a replacement or have a second shooter come with (at no extra cost to you) I’m in a photo community group on Facebook with 60+ people I’ve met and worked with before and know they’d be excellent at covering for me if needed! I do my absolute best to stay healthy during wedding season: such as early nights to bed, supplements, and a crap ton of water leading up to your big day.

Q: Can we see a list of references/reviews?

A: Yes! Click here for more!

Q: What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

A: What sets me apart from other photographers is the experience I give my clients. As a full time photographer you are my priority, making sure you feel heard and validated in the wedding process. This is a so important to me because when I was a bride 2 years ago I felt so alone and like my opinion- for my own wedding- didn’t matter. And I had a wedding, as beautiful as it was, wasn’t everything I dreamt it would be. And I am dedicated to making sure you have the BEST experienced! I’ve sat down with brides on their wedding day and been with them while they’re anxiously waiting to go down the aisle and worried about everything that could go wrong. I bring water and crackers in case you’re so anxious you can’t/don’t eat. I’m much more than a photographer on your wedding day!

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes! I am a registered LLC as well!

Q: Do you have backup equipment?

A: YES I recently updated all of my gear! My cameras have dual memory cards (so your photos are backed up twice!) I have a backup camera just in case!

Q: How are our photos protected:

A: My camera has dual card slots: meaning the photos are backed up twice in camera before I even upload them to my computer. When I get home I immediately start uploading your images to my secure hard-drive. I don't clear the memory cards until I've edited and delivered your gallery to ensure their protection should anything happen. My husband is in IT and cloud storage, so all of your photos are also backed up in the cloud! 🙌🏻

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