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it's all about the in between for me

our lives are a series of moments, and so little of those moments are documented

Your life has held hundreds of thousands of beautiful moments, and often they're the least documented ones you remember the most. Life goes by us in hyper-speed, and I (as a documentary/journalistic photographer) am the worst at documenting my own life. It's the in between moments that mean the most and are written off until the moment is lost. Hiring someone, someone who captures moments as a living, is key to holding those sweet moments in time forever.

So we leave hustle at the door and invite a slow space to focus on bringing you two out. I work with people on the daily who are uncomfortable in front of the camera- so we make it fun! I bring out the music, my bomb dance moves, and show you the photos in the camera to show you how amazing you look. Your life is a sacred, complicated, beautiful existence. And it deserves to be documents for generations to come to look back at and relive those moments with you someday.


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To book, my contract needs to be signed and your retainer paid! Then we'll be able to get your engagement session planned and I'll be here for all the etxra advice!

I always love actually meeting my people before officially booking! It's SO important with getting to know you, if we vibe well together, and if I'm truly the best fit for you and your wedding day!

Go to 'Book Me' and fill out the contact! I love all the details- but if you aren't a fan of long form, I have a short contact form below!

navey & Jacob

fall wedding day

schaffer Century barn, adair, iowa

Step into their heartland family barn wedding day surrounded by the ones who matter most!

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COuld we have the raw files at all?

How much is the deposit? would I be able to get a refund if needed?

Unfortunately, I do not deliver any RAW files. I've spent several years and dropped hundreds of dollars into perfecting my editing style so I can provide amazing photos in a few weeks time! Editing over images (aka filters) are not allowed either, the photos are pretty enough as is!

I require 1/3 of the payment at the time of booking! It is a non-refundable retainer unfortunately, once the retainer is paid and contract signed I reserve that date completely for you!



How do the copy rights work?

Are there travel expenses?

The copyright for all images created and shall have the exclusive right belong to Corah B Photography to make reproductions for marketing materials, portfolio entries, sample products, editorial submissions and use, or for display within or on my website. You are MORE than welcome to share the images just be sure to credit me by tagging the business!

For weddings over an hour from my location are charged a travel fee for driving to and from the venue! I'll chat with you about it in our call and when you book! I'll make it very clear what that fee would be so it won't be unexpected!