Wedding Package Add Ons

December 11, 2021

When looking at photographers, you also want to know what exactly is included in your package, and any other extras they offer. I remember looking through dozens of photographers’ websites- and none of them were clear about what they offered, what was included, and what the average couple paid- and it was so frustrating to fall in love with someones work and personality and they weren’t even close to our budget!

With that, I make it a point for my investment page and booking process to be clear with what’s included, and what items you’re able to add on! Listed below are a few of the extras Corah B Photography offers, and the things that are included in your package and why! (For more information on booking and working with me click here!)

ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS: Most of my collections have engagement sessions included, and here’s why. I believe that having a relationship with both of my clients is important. I communicate with the main client (typically brides) all the time, and hardly ever the partner- having an engagement session with your photographer helps you feel at ease when taking photos on your wedding day. You have a connection to the person photographing one of the most significant days of your life- which helps you feel more comfortable and less stressed on your wedding day! You know what being photographed will look like and what to expect, which makes photos less stressful. And you know how you as a couple vibe with the photographer, because you’ve spent 1-2 hours with them, it’s more like hanging with an old friend than a person with a camera.

ALBUMS: Albums range between $500-1,000 on average. You have your choice of 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12 for sizes. Cover options are: Premium Leather, Distressed Leather, Linen, Vintage Leather, all in various colors. Paper finish options are Photo Lustre, Premium Lustre (Regular Gloss and High Gloss) Smooth Matte, and Photos Deep Matte. You can add insert boards to thicken the pages for durability with options of both thick white and black, or thin white and black with the option to round the corners of the pages as well!

Pricing varies on how many pages you’re wanting, how many photos are in each layout, cover options, embossing your names or wedding date, page finish, size of the album, and length of time it takes to put it all together! When you receive your wedding gallery or want to make an album with me just go through and favorite the images you want to be included. I’ll make a mockup layout and send it to you to go through, we can then either zoom call and make any adjustments, or email me with your thoughts based on each page if you want anything different! Once we finalize the layout and get all the details of your book I’ll put in the order and you’ll get your album in 2-3 weeks!

These layflat albums are such a higher quality compared to a book made through Shutterfly or any other service I’ve seen- they are much more durable and will truly stand the test of time! Whether you order one right away, or for an anniversary you’ll love having a book on display to easily reminisce through your wedding day or engagement photos! These albums are amazing too because you can have one for your engagement photos, wedding day, and any anniversary or family sessions as well! You can continue adding to the stack!

USB GALLERY DELIVERY: All galleries are delivered online- and I always recommend downloading and saving all your images right away! (I’ll always have them backed up and safe, but you need to do your part as well!) With USB gallery delivery you have a customized flash drive and case to store and display your precious images! These are 8GB flash drives, so any other images and videos taken by guests from your wedding day will fit on here as well. I’ll still deliver photos through an online gallery if you want to order any prints- your gallery will expire in 3 months whereas normally they have no expiration date.