Des Moines, Iowa

a guided experience to give couples and families the confidence and ease for their photos.

Specializing in intimate weddings, day in the life family sessions, and empowering women in their bodies as they are.

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Your images reflect your truest self

I know what you bring to the table and how to prepare

You know exactly what to expect

Through this sequence we are able to create images that reflect your life and love with ease.

You fill out a questionnaire that helps me help you customize your session experience to highlight your favorite things in life.

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My why, and how I can best serve you

I'm Corah B

I'm Corah! My passion is making my clients feel confident in their photography experience. I believe the best way to achieve that is through getting to know you & your vision so that your photos best reflect you and your love.

Planning a wedding that feels like your love can be rough, and you shouldn't have to navigate it alone. I send planning tips, ways to customize your wedding outside of tradition, and am your biggest advocate for what you want!

How I serve my clients

Once we've thoroughly prepared for your session, or wedding day: I am all yours. Fluffing your wedding dress, putting your veil in, buttoning up your dress, drying your flowers on my own clothes, and asking if you've eaten & drank enough water regularly.

My greatest joy in this field is serving you so you don't have to worry about anything. I didn't have anyone like that at my own, and it became my mission to be there to help my clients no matter what.

Initial Steps

Fill out the contact form

On this call we answer your questions, go over what your wedding vision, and what you value most for your wedding day. I send over a sample timelines based on our call & your priorities, and you select what works best for your wedding day!

meeting & answering questions

Select hours of coverage needed

Sign contract & pay retainer

Fill out my contact form to get connected

The average couple spends $4,500 on their wedding package with me, and family sessions start at $400

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