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My why

The inspiration and drive behind doing sessions this way

Becoming a Mother changed everything for me: ESPECIALLY business.

On top of photography I'm a stay at home mom and wife of my best friend. By shifting how I do family photos brings peace to both me and you. It lets us both rest easy knowing we've done all the 'work' at the beginning and can connect from that point forward!

I limit the number of families I work with every year to ensure you get my full attention!

I believe, that in a world full of smartphone cameras being in everyone's pocket, that having an artist see you and document your life is incredibly personal. By working together multiple times, your trust in my work will grow, you'll become more comfortable, allowing us to create some truly intimate and authentic photos representing your life.

How we do it




Who is this for?



These are for everyone! I believe every family deserves photos they love more than just once every few years.

To reserve your spot in my calendar, there is a $200 fee, and monthly payments starting at $40 per month and varies based on the number of sessions and frequency.

We schedule out all the sessions you're wanting at once for that 1-2 year timeframe! Could be a one time session, every 6 months, to once a year- you're guranteed a spot on my calendar.

Moonstone: One 60 minute photo session- just this! We plan singular session for you and your family!

$450- 50% due at time of booking, 50% due week of session

Quartz: One 30-60 minute session every 12 months- you're in my books for an annual session with me! No worries about if I'm available or not because you're locked in!

$100 Buy in, $40 per month

Onyx: Two 30-60 minute sessions within one year- perfect for semi-annual photos with your toddlers & kids! This can be for one year only, or indefinitely!

$100 Buy in, $65 per month

Amethyst: Three 30-60 minute sessions within 12 months- perfect for babies first year!

$200 Buy in, $100 per month

Jasper: Four 30-60 minute sessions within 12 months- catching all your babies milestones!

$200 Buy in, $120 per month

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ALL sessions include: Session Guide for parents (outfits, locations, activities to do with your family, session flow information) 60 minutes of photos, 60+ Photos in your online gallery, print shop access, gallery access 3 months after session is complete.


Do you do single sessions?

HOw does payment work?

After your buy in is paid & contract signed, there will be a monthly online payment based on the package you selected from time of booking to when your final session is delivered!

Absolutely I still do! See my Moonstone package for more of the details! I just truly love giving families the opportunity to get photos done more than once every few years.

How do we plan these out?

Are these just one year, or indefinite?

We'll either go over when you want photos done on our meeting call, or once you book! I work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings & will let you know if any dates are taken in the timeframe you're wanting!

You'll also receive a family session planning brochure full of information, outfit inspiration, what to expect during your photo session, and a questionnaire to get to know your family and bring you any ideas!

There is the option for just one year, and to indefinitely work together! It ensures you're in my calendar, and that regular photos are in yours. These are whatever you need them to be!

Fill out the contact form to get started!

After submitting the form, we'll set up a meeting to coordinate the details of your session(s) with me!