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how does one plan an engagement session?

As you scroll you'll get all my tips and tricks to styling the engagement session of your dreams! Going through all the seasons, the best patterns, locations that mean something, and answering any and all questions you have about what to wear!

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My favorite looks are neutral tones, mixed textures, and simple patterns! (Despite that simple pattern love: Luke's popsicle shirt was the best 🤣)

Wearing something that fits you two and your own styles is SO important! One of the biggest things I will emphasize to you is to be yourself and give yourselves the grace and space to have fun and simply enjoy yourselves!

I have a pinterest board FULL of outfit and posing inspiration: click below to view more!

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Let's get to it! Decide on a season.

Winter, I know you dream of beautiful snow- but Iowa doesn’t always have that. So we’ll plan for a snowy day and can play it by ear for until we get that beautiful snowfall! And once we have a date set, I’ll get a studio set up for us too in case the weather isn’t ideal! (the only fee to cover the cost, which will be determined at the time of booking) Or we can also opt for an in-home session! These are cozy, and next level comfortable for both of you! Spring: Probably in the first 2 weeks of May timeframe when the trees are most beautiful, and everything is coming to life! Summer: literally anytime is good! Summer sunrises and golden sunsets give me so much life, bug bites, and buckets of sweat! (Hydrate!!!) Fall: Normally in late September into October for the most beautiful leaves!

Contrasting seasons with your engagement and wedding photos is so fun! Spring or Summer engagement for a Fall wedding, Fall engagement for a summer wedding! It gives you more variety and depth to your photos!

it's truly all about you

Bringing YOU into your shoot is so important. Why? Because I believe your engagement and wedding photos should feel like you vs someone else's perception of you!

We can start or end the night grabbing coffee, drinks, or ice cream! This helps you get a little more relaxed, gives us some time to hang out and chat, and just get you comfortable! This is KEY when it comes to your session!

Going somewhere that has deep meaning to you is always going to hold priority for me! I want you to be in the place that you love the most that holds the most memories between you two!

incorporate you

into your session.

trust me, it'll be amazing.

Deciding on a spot that means something to you will already set the mood for the session! As an Enneagram 4, I adore things with sentiment and deep meaning, of course I want to bring that into your engagement photos! Your vibe matters! And if you don’t have any specifics in mind- we can hop on a quick call and get things sorted out speedy quick!

-tips from corah


Jaci and Jeremy's anniversary session: One of my best friends (and awesome makeup artist btw) wanted a session with her boyfriend to celebrate one year together. To incorporate who they are together: they brought a tupperware of homemade spaghetti and meatballs, their favorite meal, and elements from their first date.

They were gym buddies for months before they took interest in each other, and when he officially asked her out, they had dinner. (probably spaghetti) And then he drove her out to a back road, played their song and slow danced in the cold January air together.

To celebrate their year together: they redid BOTH of those significant things! Something as simple as getting takeout from your favorite place, and going to your favorite chill spot is unique to you two!

Let's get your story told

The only extra expenses you'll have with your engagement session: my clients cover the studio fee (depending on where, it ranges from $50-$125)

There are travel expenses if I'm traveling to you: it is $25 per hour of traveling, I'll add it to your invoice when the time comes to cover my expenses!