keeping your memories safe

The heirloom Protection Plan

Knowing how important these photos that you will want to keep safe for a lifetime are I wanted to let you know that these changes involve a major upgrade in how your photos are being protected and the new programs I’ve put into place to help make that happen.


How does Heirloom Backup compare to what has been in place?

General Questions

Why the Change now?

Both you and your images deserve better. This ensures we work together to protect your photos, and have physical copies of photos. Being honest- I'm awful at printing our photos. And I know I'm not the only one! So I want to offer an easy and trusted way to get my clients images both printed and protected!

The safety of your images is so important- on BOTH of our ends. I see a lot of clients never downloading or printing their images.

Normal backing up process: Hard-drive, Cloud storage, and all finished images on another hard-drive.

Heirloom Backing up process: Hard-drive, Cloud storage, finished images on hard-drive, you have one or two backing up points (computer and hard-drive) Online Gallery.

Heirloom 1

Guide to protect your images yourself

Pricing Options

Month by month, this gives you the option of having your photos protected until you have a safe location to store your images, or get everything you want printed out in physical copies. $20 per month

A guide to safely backup your photos- both via cloud and a physical location I'll be mailing to you. To make sure you are ALWAYS in control of your photos. $75 one time purchase

Heirloom 3

Heirloom 2

5 Year Plan, this secures and protects your images for the next 5 years! $10 per month

One year, the option of keeping your images backed up in a safe location for 12 months, you are more than welcome to renew the program, or just give yourself plenty of time to back everything up so it’s all secure! $15 per month

Fill out this form to select what route you want to go in protecting your images! ❤️