Jaci and Jeremy: Ankeny Anniversary Session

December 28, 2020

Jaci and Jeremy met in 2019 while they were at the gym, and after months of flirting, they finally became a couple!

As you scroll down, you’ll see some beautiful and special components to that date! Their favorite food to make together is spaghetti- so obviously we brought a Tupperware of spaghetti! The day we did the shoot was Jer’s birthday, so we obviously had some cake! When Jeremy asked her out, they went on a driving date in January 2020 and he stopped the truck, played their song, slow danced in front, and officially asked her to be his girlfriend. The darn CUTEST.

Jaci is one of my best friends, and I’m gonna be so ridiculously overjoyed when they get married in a few years! She also runs a killer business doing makeup for any and all occasions! She does the makeup for all the boudoirs I host, and several shoots I’ve put together! Go visit her page!!!