5 Tips to Streamline Your Reception

February 15, 2021

We’ve all been to that wedding. Where you sit for an hour before the meal starts, and then an hour before speeches, and another half hour before the cake cutting, and another half hour before the first dance. You’re either a homebody who is tired and wants to go home, or you just wanna get out there and enjoy yourself!

Good news: I have a few tips on how to streamline your wedding day without taking away anything from the reception or timeline!!!

Walker Homestead Wedding

1: Grand Entrance.

We’re keeping it: but also making an alteration! Instead of making guests wait until we’re done with photos (typically the case with no first look) to eat dinner: have dinner start thirty minutes before you get there! When you do the grand entrance, make sure catering or a personal assistant knows so they can bring you and the bridal party dinner!

2: Do the Cake Cutting.

When you enter the reception, go straight to the cake cutting! That way everyone can have desserts whenever, or right before we sneak out for sunset photos or right before the first dance! You can still make it public, or have a quiet unannounced cake cutting with family! The cake cutting goes back to Roman times: originally it was breaking bread above the bride’s head and was a symbol of purity and her submission to him. In the Medieval Ages, the cakes were sky high and the bride and groom would kiss over it as luck to succeed and have many children. Present-day: the groom places his hand on top of hers and is a symbol of support in the marriage. As a classic of a tradition as it is, there is no real significance of it other than being a tradition!

3: Do the First Dances First.

Many of my wedding have the first dance right off the bat! Enter the reception and go right for the good stuff! You two will be fresh and it leave the whole evening open to dancing!!! OR after eating and cake cutting, dive in! (we can even sneak out for sunset photos right after and not keep anyone waiting on you!)

4: Speeches.

These can happen in the middle of the meal, right before the cake cutting, or before eating even! One of those things everyone expects- but it doesn’t truly matter WHEN in the evening!

5: Grand Exit.

Many expect this to be at the end- I know- but you can do this at any time as the sunsets, or after sunset! Often times wedding packages don’t cover the entire reception, so this is a good way to get those beautiful sparkler exits! We can snag the bridal party and family, light some sparklers, or we’ve done phones even, and create a tunnel of love surrounding you two!

These are all simple- yet effective- ways to streamline your wedding reception! Putting everything together give you more time to mingle with guests or party on the dance floor! I say all these so you aren’t as restricted to a schedule and can enjoy your evening with everyone who came here to celebrate with you!