7 Questions to Ask When Looking For a Photographer

January 1, 2022

Whether you’re newly engaged, looking for anniversary or family photos, or just because- you may be wondering what to be asking and looking for exactly! So here are seven questions to ask when on the hunt for a photographer of any occasion!

1: Do we get the Copyrights? This is the right to the images to print them wherever you want! (Although the print shops that your photographer uses is a million times better than Walgreens or anywhere else 🙈)

2: How many photos are included in your packages? Some photographers limit the number of images delivered in their various packages, some give you an estimate of how many images will be delivered- so it’s always good to ask this one

3: How do you ‘direct’ or run the session (Or wedding day)? This is asking how they pose or direct the flow of your session! Do they pose you, let you do your thing, give out general direction? Do they incorporate movement and prompts, or is the posing in their photos stagnant?

4: Do you have any payment plans? Whether for a wedding, or anniversary session- splitting up payments into smaller chunks is always helpful, so it’s good to know if your photographer offers this!

5: Do you have a traveling fee? This is great to know if your photographer will be traveling to you from further than an hour away- for any type of session. You’ll need to know this for your budgeting for your session!

6: Do you have any backup equipment? SUPER important for weddings! Cameras can break down with no real reasoning, memory cards can corrupt- and your session or wedding can be lost just like that. Ask about a photographer’s backup equipment (if they have a backup camera if it’s the same quality as their main) and if they use dual memory card slots! (This ensures that if their memory card corrupts, there is at least one backup)

7: How are our images protected? More than just the card slots- photographers upload the photos to a hard drive, and their editing tool, and then the delivery service they use. If one of those things crashes- you wanna know if your photos are protected! Ask if the photos are backed up in the cloud, or have backups of the images on multiple separate hard drives.

These are just a handful of questions you should consider asking! All are important, but great things to know that your photographer is taking the steps to take care of your photos and that all the fees and charges are upfront so you know them before you commit!