Iris Aisle Summer Engagement Session, Winterset Iowa

April 22, 2024

Emma and Robert were absolutely ecstatic about their wedding plans, particularly when it came to their engagement session—they were adamant about having it at the Iris Aisle, even though they knew it wasn’t a possibility for their actual wedding venue.

When they filled out their questionnaire, they were completely honest about feeling a bit camera-shy. However, they poured their hearts out about being together for 5.5 years and expressed their desire for their photos to authentically depict their journey and the deep love they share.

As we began capturing moments at the Iris Aisle, I couldn’t help but notice the genuine affection Emma and Robert have for each other. Their connection was so natural, as if they were completely lost in each other’s presence. We experimented with various lighting setups and angles, resulting in a collection of incredibly sweet and romantic shots that truly captured their essence. By the end of the session, they were enthusiastic about exploring more intimate poses, which beautifully showcased their unwavering trust and profound bond.

Their upcoming wedding at Walker Homestead in April promises to be a magnificent celebration! The journey that began with them choosing the Iris Aisle for their engagement session continues to unfold with endless love and joy, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with excitement and adventure.