3 Different First Looks for your Wedding

January 2, 2023

We’ve all seen doing the first look with a future spouse- and even if you choose not to have a first look, you can 100% do any of these combinations for your big day!

OPTION ONE: Do a first look with your bridesmaids! This one is SO fun! Seeing photos of the dress when you try it on, and even hanging it up while getting ready doesn’t do justice to the final look! I’ve had brides not show the look, ANYONE, before the wedding day! Now that was a fun first look! (You could also throw in the first look with the groomsmen if you’re super close with them!

OPTION TWO: Do the first look with one or both of your parents! The reaction is always unpredictable- I didn’t expect my dad to react at all- but he SOBBED when he saw me! It was such a special moment! If you have mom near by you guys can have a sweet moment all together before the day starts up more. The groom can also do a first look with his mom! They are always so sweet!

OPTION THREE: Do a first look with your siblings! If you have sisters in the wedding, they’re a part of the first look with bridesmaids, but first looks with your brothers are always very sweet and sarcastic with some light roasting! 😉