6 Unique Ceremony Ideas

October 20, 2022

If you’re anything like me, traditional weddings aren’t your cup of tea. While yes, there are things that just make or break a wedding day, a general ceremony- isn’t something you have to settle on! Here are six ways you can customize your wedding ceremony and make it one to always remember!

1: A handfasting ceremony! This is a Celtic tradition of binding the couple’s hands together with ribbons, and either family members or the officiant wraps their hands in the braided ribbons symbolizing two becoming one!

2: Read a short letting to your parents. This is a great one either for your ceremony, a speech, or a first look! A special way of honoring those who raised you, and your love for them!

3: Have your family and wedding party surround and pray for you as a couple! The unique part of being that close to a couple on their wedding day: is that you are signifying that you stand with them, and support them in their marriage- today, and every day. Praying a blessing over the couple is such a spiritual, experience, and so significant as parents handing that responsibility to the couple!

4: If you’re afraid of reading your vow publicly- you CAN read them silently. Either to each other, without the mic, or exchange letters and read each others letters during your ceremony!

5: A foot-washing ceremony is a biblical one, signifying you are there to serve each other! This can be done either publicly, or privately as a couple!

6: Take a minute together to talk, and do on-the-spot vows to one another. After the unity ceremony, or signing the license, just take a minute to hold each other. Look out at the audience, memorize the feeling you have in this moment, and truly soak in that you’re about to get MARRIED!!!

While this is a small list of ways to ✨spice up✨ your wedding ceremony, remember this is YOUR big day!!! You have the right to customize your wedding as little or as much as you’d like! ❤️