How to Elope in the Midwest, for less than 3K

December 12, 2022

If you’re born and raised in the midwest, (Iowa girl, through and through) it might feel like there are very limited options on places to do an Epic Elopement close(ish) to home. People think elopement now, and think of an image of a couple on a beautiful mountain in Colorado, California, or Washington & Oregon. Well, I’m here to tell you thats NOT what you need to elope. That you can have your dream wedding in the midwest for roughly 3K. This all depends on what you, as a couple value, and prioritize spending money on!

1| Get your dress second hand- can be physical or virtual! Still White is a site where people can consign their wedding dresses and is a great option for a more affordable dress. Something Blue in Ankeny IA is a great local option for a consigned wedding dress! Or, the simple thrift or finding a white dress on Lulu’s or Amazon!

2| Thrift, buy second hand or purchase decor you’ll use again in your home or other future events! This helps!

3| Hire a photographer!!!! While it’s low key- you want it documented. This is one you don’t want to skimp out on- and if chosen right can help you plan and map out your elopement!

4| Instead of hiring someone to officiate, have a family member or friend get certified online! (or if you attend a church ask a pastor to do the honors!)

5| Get married at a state park, or area you love! Most state parks in the midwest don’t require a fee or anything, so you can easily get married wherever your heart desires! (always double check though!)

6| Go out to your favorite restaurant or bar afterward! You can keep it small, or have a mini reception/celebration afterward! You could go as lowkey as just grabbing drinks, or renting out a space and having a dance and appetizers!

These are some ideas for the BARE minimum elopement! Follow along for more resources on planning your intimate wedding, and what should be included! ❤️

And always remember, your wedding day is YOURS. If you decide for a big wedding, you should be supported. If you decide for a small wedding, you should be supported. Your wedding day is for you two and YOUR love, and should be represented as your love does! (Milk shakes included 😉)