How to Vet your Wedding Vendors

January 20, 2023

You’re reading this because you are NEWLY engaged (CONGRATS by the way 🥳) You may or may not have started looking through wedding vendors, and you’ll soon discover it’s a whole new world. All the things to have figured out about your big day, wondering what you should be asking and how to protect your wedding day in case something were to happen with your vendors.

Here are 4 easy tips to ensure you’re asking the right questions and protecting yourself!

  1. Check the vendor’s reviews! Look on their Google page, Facebook page, and groups to see if people recommend them or share their experience with them!
  2. If they don’t have a contract- I do not recommend working with them. The contract protects both you and the vendor in the event you or your vendor need to go in different directions.
  3. Ask to meet on a video call or in person (if they’re local) Get to know their vibe, if you get along and share the same values for your wedding day!
  4. These are great questions to have lined up for your meeting: Ask about cancelations, acts of God, and family emergencies- things that could prevent them from being able to be there for your big day. Ask about how your images are protected- you want your photos to be on 2 SD cards in their camera, images backed up in the cloud, and if the images are backed up to 1 or more hard drives.

I hope these help you on your wedding planning journey! ❤️