A Guide to the Perfect Detail Photos

January 11, 2022

You’ve been on Pinterest- looking at all the perfect photos of wedding details for months now. Your photographer may guide and advise you on things to ask for from vendors and what you need to have ready! In this post, you’ll be able to visualize what components you really want for the details of your wedding day and what you’ll need to bring and have ready for your big day! Ya ready to dive in?! Let’s go!

For this wedding day at Rapid Creek Cidery, they had all their detailed photos taken at their venue! This bride had made a detailed list of what she wanted to be captured for detailed photos! You can be as specific as you want to with your photographer, and knowing what their full wedding galleries look like is great too so you know what they typically capture for wedding days! This couple had all their rings together, her shoes, veil, dress, invitations, programs, and flowers! I also got details of the groom’s velvet-textured suit, the reception space, and photos of their guestbook/welcome table!

This modern western bride gave me her GORGEOUS sparkle boots, their rings, a pearl necklace, perfume, dress, and veil to photograph for their details! Adding wow-factor components to your wedding day (like these boots 🙃) really brings out your character to your look! More often than not I use the details of the dress as a backdrop for detail photos, it adds texture and depth to the photos!

One of my favorite 2021 couples had a vintage romantic-inspired wedding day! From the texture and design of the lace on her dress to her beautiful jeweled heels- her look was STUNNING! We photographed her dresses details, the florals, shoes, earrings, and a necklace her now-husband gave her when they first started dating in middle school! She didn’t wear the necklace, but it was wrapped around her bouquet so it was close by the whole day!

This couple’s boho romantic wedding day had florals from a local nursery, unique platform shoes with that gorgeous baby blue accent, and a BHLDN wedding dress! Many of my couples, as you’ve noticed, don’t always get photos of their invitations- everything you want to be included in your photos is up to you! The ring box pictured is one I had on hand, and I used the ribbons of the bouquet to add that depth and movement to the images!

My favorite micro wedding right here! These two had everything so carefully planned and thought out! They postponed their big celebration a year and had an intimate backyard wedding with their closest family and friends and tied the knot on their original date! They threw this all together from Arizona and it was all so perfect! I photographed her wedding dress, shoes, jewelry from the day, her perfume, and their invitations! In the hallway of her husband’s childhood home, I found the most stunning lighting and shadows for these photos. I used her wedding veil, a mirrored tray, their ring box, and some ribbon I had for a unique and crisp take on detail photos!

At their big wedding celebration, since we had already gotten all the details the year before, we got photos of their vows to each other, the display of their previous wedding’s photos, and they had a beautiful tribute to all their family members wedding day photos for all to see! When you have already photographed a couples wedding day, their second is so much more relaxed that my second shooter and I were able to get more creative with some of the details and behind the scenes of the day!

Since you’ve made it to the bottom: I’m gonna give you my whole list of items for detailed photos and things to have ready and on hand for your photo and video team to capture!

The most common: shoes, rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet, veil, extra flowers. Any personalized wedding items such as hangers, ring box, invite/save the dates, RSVP/envelope, the grooms tie, cologne/perfume, dried or extra florals, ribbon, cheesecloth/gauze, jewelry, dish/tray, wedding bouquet, garter, bridesmaid dresses, anything family heirloom. Some extras would be bridesmaid’s dresses on hangers, any gifts to family, or your bridal party!

Keep in mind, that these photos take time to perfect and capture, your photographer will need at least 15-20 minutes to get everything together and find the right positioning!